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Media and Digital Assets

View and download essential Digital Assets, such as our Band Logo, to use on your marketing campaigns, social media and any other forms of promotional medium.

Band Logo

View and download our two different logo variations in Hi-Resolution.

Logo Variant 01

Logo Plain - Black Background.png

'Plain Logo with Black Background'

Logo Plain - No Background.png

'Plain Logo with Transparent Background'

Logo Variant 02

Logo with moon - Black background.png

'Logo with moon with Black Background'

Logo with Moon - No Background.png

'Logo with moon with Transparent Background'


View and download our different photographic posters in Hi-Res.

FME - Collage Portrait
FME - Collage Portrait with website

'Portrait Photographic Poster'

'Portrait Photographic Poster with website'

FME - Collage Landscape

'Landscape Photographic Poster'

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